Missing is beautiful

Looking as if you’ve spinned out of me
and a feel like, i have shared my breath with you;
Hearing as if like my portrayal soul is speaking
and a feel like, i have shared my thoughts with you;
Walking as if to chase the differences
and a feel like, a destiny is same for both of us;

In you presence, my soul will be absent
the time you’re with me, world for me is paused
the moment i feel your breath
i’d say it’s a tender breeze

came together for one common reason
started dreaming for one common destiny
though sometimes we differ in our dreaming stly
but in the end, all the dreams dremt are for one common agend – Love

The time spent together may be less
but the faith gained to make a life term relation is more
I tell you darling, i do there for you all the time
as a twilight in a dusky dark

Gentle plays of honey dew lips
drive me crazy and made to kiss
looking at those gleaming eyes
teased me to take a slice


~ by ajay2588 on January 18, 2011.

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