I wish to love you from beginning again

why do I feel like I have lost in you
Give me an opportunity to forget you atleast for a second
all the time I think of you like
How my darling is.. What my sweet is doing

No matter where I am and how am I
What just matter me is “YOU”
your single smile is verve for me to take on
I can release any thing to make space for u in me
I wish to sneak into your eyes and steal dreams

I could figure out u in unseen dreams
I could feel you in every drop of blood
I could listen to you in the susurrus
I could see every where and even in my own shadow.

Since the time I started loving you
the nature I would see have changed
I marvel and oppugned nature “why night is so small”
It answered me “Longer the time u stay with beautiful” smaller the day you feel.

Every time the air passes by my heart
Every time the sight crosses my mind
Every time talk touches my ear
my soul convey them a message “You are mine”

Give me my soul back
I have to go in past with it
and wish to love you from beginning again
wow… what a wonderful feeling it is

A line “I  love You” from you
make me to die for you
I wish I would become your breath
so that, I can live with you beyond the life term


~ by ajay2588 on October 19, 2010.

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