A Fair trip to Fare

As usually, in starting I teased my father but it is my love towards my father made me to decided To accompany my father in my so called native village Hegdal god’s (Basavanna) Fare. Here I am Sure that, I wont tell you my experience in the fare, but I put here the impressions I gained in the RED govt bus. Soon after I and my father get down from the bus, my father started running towards A Rusty, Red+White colored bus, he turned back and screamed “Putta, baa jaldi, e bus hodre atleast 2 thasu kaybeku e bustandnalli” I smiled by looking at that bus and said to my father “Appaji, ninge aa bus nodidre adu evathe namnna karkondu hoguttha??” some curvs on my father’s face said me “I am not impressed” my father replayed in silent voice “Evathu jatre, 12 gante valge uru na serbeku, edu bengalore alla every 2 minutes ge bus baroke, nandu halli uru”. His talk made me  sad.

Since, we didn’t had breakfast in the morning we both were hunger, I invited my father for breakfast But he was more eager to sit in a bus than having breakfast. After exchange of some talks, we both went to hotel, I elected “Mandaki Mirchi” to eat, my father happy with butter milk. After finishing having “Mandaki Mirchi”, i was searching wash basin, hotel owner anticipated that I am in search of wash basin He called “Sir, alli kempu bannada bucket aythalla, alle kai tholkoli”, the bucket’s glory was wow..??? If you come across any dirty stuff competition, please let me know, I have a master-piece bucket Which can win the prize for me? I Stared at him, his eyes were telling “What to do sir, idu halli”. But in the end(upon reaching village) i realized the difference between a “Human Kind” and “Money Kind” We sat in bus, seat was out of condition. The climate was really hot; I unbuttoned my shirt and waving at me. Mean while, my father stood up, i saw, he was waving his hand and poping out some strange signals I asked with wonder “What are you doing, it seems very funny”. He smiled at me and said, I am
Welcoming my friend. Before I could start asking next question, my father’s friend came to us and shared the seat.
I noticed, my father was very happy and happy. I thought they must be great childhood friends, I asked my father, you look bit young, but your friend looks very old, his hairs are white, skin had sunk, Laughing with great difficulty and trying to tell some thing. After seeing his difficulty I asked him “Uncle, Please take a seatt, relax  yourself and then we can talk” he directed his right ear and hand signaled, I thought I was not audible enough to him so I took long breath and started to repeat the sentence, in between my father said me “Putt, avunge mathu barola, kivi kelodilla” i translate to english “Putta, he is dumb and deaf” i’m shocked, i sneaked into window and asked myself “How can this be possible”.

After 1 min i turned towards my father and saw those 2 are talking with laugh. I murmured “Man this is a great tango, how can my father speak to dumb and deaf and that’s too they are laughing. My father was incredible” They were so busy in cracking jokes, recalling childhood days, the time they were working in the fields…… My eagerness made me to disturb my father and questioned him “What are you people talking about?? How can you understand his signals?? How can you understand his joke?? My father stopped me and said one sentence “Putta, we didn’t lived a Money-Kind life, we lived Human -kind life” Wow… what an answer. I said, you people are great and blessed enough to enjoy the life in all the good aspects. My father’s friend stared at me and made signal, i interpreted that signal like “Oh.. U have grown up”. And he started talking to me but i was unable to understand his signals, and failed to answer him. He was sad and me too.

Nodding head, turned towards window and i’m sure many things were running inside me. I was thinking, i am MTech holder, i can understand and talk unseen machine language. We are busy in talking and understanding binaries (0’s and 1’s), but we do not know basic human language. Even though he is dumb and deaf he lived his 55 years happily and i am sure he die happily. Very frequently we ask our-self, we discuss with our friends, and we conclude that “We are not Happy” “We didn’t enjoy life” Again i ask 1 question “What is enjoyment”. Many people tell “Make a great weekend”, “Do parties”, “Have girlfriend”,” Take a good job”, and”Earn lots of money”…etc. I request you, please read those questions again… and let me know if i am wrong in concluding that
“We are living in Money-Kind, we do not know Human-kind of living”. Yes, we are in rat race for money what ever we do, we do think what the gain out of it for me is if I do it… We scale every thing in Money. We can understand the Money, Money and Money. My father is having 26 years of work experience and still working and the salary he draw is 1,44,000 per year i.e. 12,000 per month, i have 6 months of experience and i take 25k per month, Do i am happy???? Yes, i am but not as much as my father is.. Because, he know there is many more things in the world which can please us, but me?? i know only money… I am wrong. I am wrong.

I decided to start living in Human-kind, i try to live it. I do not want to live in Money-kind. Earn money to survive not to live.


~ by ajay2588 on April 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “A Fair trip to Fare”

  1. Very gud decision ajay… 🙂

  2. I appreciate you for writing that great experience and explained honestly about the living life.

    Thanks my dear, i love you so much

  3. Dont know wht to comment on it…But Nice one le Ajay….

  4. waw!!!! its really nice…. i loved it.. every one’l hav this types of experiences in life but u find it na dats great… iam impressed… i didn’t expected all these…. but really good….

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